How do DPF Removal UK remove the Particulate Filter from my vehicle?

Firstly the DPF/FAP itself needs to be removed from the exhaust system. We do this by means of removing the exhaust from the car, opening the exhaust up gutting the DPF/FAP from the exhaust then sealing it up and refitting the exhaust to the vehicle. This is the physical hardware side of the DPF Removal. During the removal and refitting of the exhaust all the sensors are carefully removed and refitted, as although the readings from these sensors are no longer used, the sensor itself needs to still be working correctly.

How do DPF Removal UK remove the DPF systems from my ECU?

Once this is done then the software in the ECU must be altered to disable the DPF/FAP and any future regeneration’s without throwing any fault codes up within the ECU and consequently the dashboard. This is done in 95% of vehicles via the OBD Port. Your original software will be read from your ECU, all the relevant DPF functions will be disabled and then this will be written back into the ECU.  The vehicle will now run as if it never had a DPF fitted, no regenerations, no black smoke, no limp mode or DPF or Engine Management lights on the dash and an improvement in MPG!
Once this procedure has been completed a further diagnostics test will be done alongside a road test to verify everything is as it should be.

Do you only offer DPF Removal?

No we can also remap your vehicle for better performance or further economy gains at the same time as removing the DPF from your vehicle. Please visit our sister site www.tunednstyled.co.uk for more information on our remap services.

Are there any MoT issues with the DPF Removed?

MOT regulations don't state anything about a diesel particulate filter being a legal requirement, and Vosa will confirm this. The MoT merely states emission levels which have to be achieved to pass.

How will DPF Removal affect my fuel economy?

As a result of DPF Removal you should see an increase in your economy.

Can DPF Removal be done mobile?

Due to the nature of the work involved, the software side of DPF Removal can be done mobile, but the physical hardware side cannot. We can meet you at a designated local garage to complete the software side of the DPF Removal or at your chosen location if you are able to complete the physical hardware side yourself.

How long does the DPF Removal software take to complete?

On average you are looking at approximately 1-2 hours, however this can vary between vehicles.
For complete physical hardware and software DPF Removal you are looking at approximately 5 hours.

What Guarantee do you offer?

All our work is 100% guaranteed, and you will have no further DPF problems.

I cannot see my vehicle on your list?

Do not panic, new vehicles are being constantly added to our DPF Removal list, if your vehicle is not shown then please contact us to discuss if we have a solution for your vehicle.
dieselpart dieselpart2 dp3_gr dp_gr dpf-removal Diesel Particulate Filter: Ford's 2008 F-Series Super Duty features an all-new 6.4L Powerstroke engine that uses a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and other emissions technologies to reduce particulate output by up to 97 percent and to deliver emissions numbers on par with gasoline engines. e320-particulate-filter particle_filter

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